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New Free Kick Mechanics

New Free Kick Mechanics

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Based on the unanimous recommendation of the Mechanics Committee, please find the attached MechaniGrams illustrating the revised kick-off mechanics for a crew of 8 and a crew of 7 that we will move to for the 2019 football season.  These new mechanics were initially driven by the new two man wedge rule, but the Committee feels that this will give us better overall coverage for player safety fouls and routine fouls such as block in the back, holding etc. Please ensure that you communicate to your officials that the yard lines and the zones illustrated are guidelines, and are not set in stone.  If an official has no legitimate threat of a foul in their zone – then they should broaden their vision.  Conversely, if an official views a player that leaves their zone and that player presents a potential threat of a foul, the official should stay with that player.

Best of luck to all as we prepare for the season.

Steve Shaw
Chair – CCA Manual Committee

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