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  • 6/2/2016

    FAQ’s Honig’s

    1.       If my conference is not participating in my sport, can I still order NAIA apparel?

    a.       Yes. Be sure to designate your conferences(s) when ordering so the conference receives credit for the purchase.

    2.       Can patches be purchased?

    The patch option is limited to the following circumstances:

    a.        The conference had a contract with another referee apparel company asMore...

  • 6/2/2016

    Top 10 - FAQ’s about NAIA and Arbiter Sports Officials Registration - Football


    1.      Why do we have to register to work in the NAIA?

    a.       To have all officials across the country receive the same message so games will be officiated by the best prepared officials we can assign.

    b.      We need to know who are officialsMore...

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